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TOBB Etu Rocketry representing Turkey in the IREC-SA CUP 2023 competitions constantly needs new team members.

The expectations set for new teammates are divided into subdivisions as Mechanical Design, Flight Mechanics, Aerodynamics, Recovery, Manufacturing, Testing, Telemetry Systems, Embedded Systems, Software.

General Expectations:
• Undergraduate - Master's - Doctorate education.
• Being responsible and keeping up with hard work.
• Writing reports in English.

Expectations for Mechanical Design Team:
• To have good knowledge in one of the CAD programs (Autodesk Fusion 360, Solidworks, CatiaV5).
• To be able to form technical drawings.
•To have good experience in at least one structural analysis tool and capability to comment and propose improvements in design(CAM).

Expectations from Commercial Off-The-Shelf Systems (COTS) Team:
•To be knowledgeable about commercial flight computers and commercial telemetry systems(Stratologger, RRC3, Telemetrum, TeleGPS, etc).

Expectations for Flight Mechanics Team:
• To know 3-DOF and 6-DOF flight simulation.

•To know the basics of systems dynamics.
• To know MATLAB/SIMULINK, Phyton, etc.

Expectations for Telemetry Systems Team:
• To be knowledgeable about wireless communication.

• To know the communication protocols.

Expectations for Aerodynamics Team:
• To know of one of the CFD programs (Fluent, OpenFOAM, Simscale, COMSOL, GridPro).

• To have good technical knowledge of boundary conditions, external and compressible flow, turbulence models.
• To have technical knowledge Fluid-Solid Interactions (Aeroelasticity).

Expectations for Recovery Team:
• To know basic components of recovery like parachutes, shock cords, eyebolts, carabiners, etc.

• To know about deployment systems like black powder, spring, and their design.
•Also 3D drawing for Operation Concept is a requirement such as CoNoPs and combining all parts of rockets that are obtained from CAD (Using Canva, Adobe, etc is preferred).
• To be able to perform calculations for descent velocity, the opening force of parachutes, etc.

Expectations for Embedded Systems Team:
•To have experience in using ARM architecture.
•To have previously designed electronic circuits (Eagle, Altium Designer, etc...).

Expectations for Manufacturing Team:
• To be able to read technical drawings.
• To know about additive manufacturing (3D Printer) and g-code formation program.
• To have technical knowledge in composite materials, aluminum alloys, and sandwich materials.
• To have experience in manufacturing preparation and nesting for laser cutting (AJANCAM etc.).
•  To have basic knowledge of processes like composite hand lay-up, milling, lathe, etc., and their advantages and disadvantages.

Expectations for Software Team:
• To have experience in UI designing.
•To know at least two programming languages (Preferably C, C++).

Expectations for Testing Team:
• To be experienced in the most necessary tests for structures, recovery, and avionics.

• To be aware of the reality, necessity, and importance of the tests in-flight performance.
• To have the capacity of commenting on the test results and proposing developments in design.



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