Turkish Technology Team (T3) TOBB ETU Rocketry EXPLORE Turkish Technology Team (T3) TOBB ETU Rocketry EXPLORE Turkish Technology Team (T3) TOBB ETU Rocketry EXPLORE

High Power Rocketry, Unique Avionics Systems and Engineers Who Wants to Achieve More


The first steps of rocketry were taken at TOBB University of Economics & Technology were taken with 2 rocketry teams which were established in 2019 and participated in the finals of the competitions.

Former Cukurova University Rocketry (T3-Allstar Rocketry) leader Bumin Han Varli is master’s degree student at TOBB ETU. Since mixed teams are no longer allowed in the SA CUP competition, he transferred technical possibilities of Cukurova University Rocketry and T3-Allstar Rocketry to TOBB ETU and established the TOBB ETU Rocketry.

Hasan Huseyin Acar, Ali Bedirhan Dursun, Sakir Ahmet Arslan, Yusuf Arda Karakaya, Umut Murat Cenk, Ozge Akgul, Ahmet Mert Catalkaya, Omer Faruk Cam, Harun Serkan Metin, Ozan Mansuroglu, Fevzi Mert Aydin, Defne Yosunkaya, Berat Talha Demirbag, Esra Nur Acun, Doruk Cakimci, Emre Kilic, Burak Sayimlar and Ikra Ucar are undergraduate students at TOBB ETU and Bumin Han Varli is master’s degree student at TOBB ETU.

Minimal, User-Friendly Components
At Least Twice as Safe Systems
Innovative Materials and Production Methods


During the process of designing and manufacturing High Power Rocketry, the team members have been developing interdisciplinary working skills and using the engineering knowledge from theory to practice.

Structural team constructs the exterior of the rocket. The composite tubes are manufactured by hand in order to optimize the forces that occur during flight.

Avionics team takes part in designing and building the electronics that record flight data which getsbroadcasted to the ground station instantly.

Recovery team is a key part for reusing rockets. Parachutes are constructed and ensured by the recovery team so that the rocket lands safely.

Simulation team uses numerical methods to model the structure and aerodynamics of the rockets that aims optimizing the design of the rocket.

Propulsion team does research and development for experimental rocket engines to use in international rocket competitions.

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TOBB ETU Rocketry
TOBB ETU Rocketry
(60) T3-AllStar - IREC Test Atışı 6 Mayıs 2021 - YouTube - Google Chrome 16.10.2021 12_14_24 - Kopya - Kopya - Kopya
Teknofest’19 Rocket Launches
Teknofest’19 Rocket Launches
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Teknofest’19 Rocket Launches

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